Ivanka Trump may quit White House after one term

Life in the White House is stressful. That’s probably one of the reasons why most staffers last only a short term — months to a few years — rather than sticking around for a full presidential term.

But Ivanka Trump, ever loyal to her father, has done just that. As his first term winds to a close and he faces the voters once again this coming November, Ivanka is considering her options.

During a surprising sit-down interview with CBS’ Face the Nation, Ivanka revealed that one term might be enough for her. “I am driven first and foremost by my kids and their happiness, so that’s always going to be my top priority,” she said.

She went on, “My decisions will always be flexible enough to ensure that their needs are being considered first and foremost, so they will really drive that answer for me.”

Though her answer is murky, we can read between the lines a bit and surmise that she’s seriously considering her options post-White House. Though her father is likely to be reelected, one term in the White House is enough for most staffers.

She did offer some insight into a future political career of her own, telling Face the Nation that she cares about policy and “[lifting] communities and changing people’s lives.” Whether she stays or goes, one thing is certain: we have not seen the last of Ivanka Trump.

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