It’s official: GOP ‘Never Trump’ rebellion is over as quickly as it started

For the last four years, the so-called “conservatives” of the “Never Trump” movement have done their best to undermine their party and their president. At every turn, they’ve been absolutely humiliated by the president and conservative voters.

At last night’s Iowa caucuses, Republican voters dealt a final death blow to Trump’s Republican challengers, Rep. Joe Walsh and former Massachusetts governor William Weld. The numbers were shocking.

The Washington Examiner’s Byron York reports:

In the state’s Republican caucuses — yes, there were Republican caucuses, even though the competitive Democratic caucuses received all the attention — the Walsh and Weld candidacies fizzled.

In the end, Trump won 97.16% of the vote, to Walsh’s 1.08% and Weld’s 1.27%. Others, write-ins of various people, totaled 0.47%. It was a striking show of strength for the president.

The Never Trump movement has never won the favor of the voters – it’s only constituency is the left-wing media, which loves to use it as a club against the president. Weld and Walsh were relentlessly touted by hacks like Joe Scarborough and Bill Kristol. But obviously, Republican voters weren’t convinced.

There’s always room in the conservative movement for reasonable disagreement. Just ask prominent Trump-era GOP leaders like Lindsey Graham and Rand Paul, who agree on almost nothing.

But Never Trump isn’t about reasonable disagreement.

In fact, Never Trump is nothing more than a desperate struggle for the crumbs falling from the media’s table. It’s a bunch of talentless hacks that have no good ideas of their own, and no way to get on TV besides attacking Trump.

They deserve to be humiliated, and Iowans obliged.

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