It’s Happened Again – Democrats Are Fuming…

It’s happened again.

Governor Cuomo was just accused by another alleged victim of sexual assault.

“Jessica Bakeman, a journalist formerly stationed at the New York State Capitol, has come forward as the seventh woman to level allegations of sexual harassment against embattled New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo,” reports Breitbart News.

Bakeman alleged that the governor placed his arm around her shoulders during a party at the Executive Mansion in 2012.

““He left it there, and kept me pinned next to him, for several minutes as he finished telling his story,” said Bakeman. “I stood there, my cheeks hot, giggling nervously as my male colleagues did the same. We all knew it was wrong, but we did nothing.”

To read more about this story, click here.

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8 Responses

  1. You and your colleagues did nothing. Seems to be the norm for you and your colleagues when it comes to dems doing wrong!

  2. When are they going to call out our President Biden for the same thing? We’ve already seen the girl who he’s accusing him and was ignored.

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