Impeachment witness says Trump lectured previous Ukrainian President about corruption, too

In what is potentially explosive news, we now know that President Trump also lectured the previous President of Ukraine about corruption in his country, as well.

This comes after Catherine Croft, who works at the State Department, told a House panel that Trump had done this before.

This is big news, because there are no allegations that he did this because of Joe and Hunter Biden. His only interest was making sure that US aid money wasn’t going to a very corrupt government. That sounds reasonable.

It undercuts the allegations that Trump was only doing this to convince Ukraine to investigate Biden — since that is not even what is being talked about here. He simply wanted them to rid their country of rampant corruption.

In a reasonably intelligent world, this would end impeachment, if not reverse the processes: it is Democrats who would be tossed out of office, by the voters. But all indications are that Pelosi, Schiff, and all the other far-eft Democrats want to continue to target Trump.

It’s now painfully obvious that this entire thing is a farce. Donald Trump did absolutely nothing to deserve impeachment. The only point is to manufacture charges against Trump and toss him out of office, since Democrats still refuse to accept the results of the 2016 election and know full-well that they are on track to lose again in 2020.

Read the fully story here.

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