Impeachment turned Senate into ‘kangaroo court,’ AGs say

Twenty-one state attorneys general signed a letter and released it this week, calling for an end to the Senate impeachment trial of President Donald Trump.

The AGs went further, saying that impeachment has turned the Senate into a kangaroo court.

Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge later went on Fox News to tear down impeachment arguments. “[T]his is a constitutionally legally flawed argument,” she said.

The AGs said that impeachment “establishes a dangerous historical precedent” and at least four went on Fox News later to defend their letter and expound upon it.

“To the Democrats out there that are cheering this impeachment and cheering for witnesses and everything, you are creating a very dangerous precedent that I promise will come back to haunt you,” said South Carolina’s Attorney General, Alan Wilson.

“As a prosecutor, I never went to trial without a complete and full investigation,” Wilson continued.

Of course, the AGs are correct: Impeachment is not only flawed in terms of its arguments — which almost misses the point since Dems knew that from the start — but it makes a mockery of the Senate, the constitution, and our legal traditions.

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