Impeachment support dips, Trump approval soars

Trump is winning the battle of public opinion when it comes to impeachment — and his presidency more generally.

A new Washington Post/ABC poll has 49 percent of Americans saying Trump should stay in office, with 47 percent saying he should go. That’s a reversal from a month ago, when people wanted him gone by a 3 percent margin.

Perhaps even more important, Trump’s approval reached a record-high 44 percent in the poll.

It’s worth noting, of course, that these are some of the same polls that predicted a Hillary Clinton landslide victory in 2016. So take them with a grain of salt, of course.

But you know that the left is doing everything they can to hurt Trump, including making sure that they get only favorable polling data. The fact that this is close at all tells you something.

It’s clear at this point that Nancy Pelosi’s impeachment blunder has not paid off, and it is torching her party. Trump’s approval numbers continue to increase, and you have to wonder at what point Democrats start to panic.

With even the hyper-left Washington Post’s polling data showing Trump with record-high approval and a plurality of Americans opposing his removal, maybe it’s high-time Democrats find a strategy other than, “remove Trump.”

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