Impeachment is not working out well for Democrats, commentator says

Impeachment has been a total disaster for Democrats, at least according to one prominent political commentator.

Liz Peek, who does political analysis for Fox News and others, wrote in an op-ed for The Hill that impeachment has been a dud for the Democrats.

Peek argues that there should be “a law against boring people to death” and that “Adam Schiff should be the first indicted.”

“It is hard to imagine that such a profound undertaking – the overturning of an American election – could emerge as such a dramatic dud. But it has,” Peek continued.

The reason is clear: Schiff used a partisan impeachment to try to take down a duly elected President. He held secret meetings which, if held in public, would have shown the weakness of Democrats’ case. Now that we’re finally at trial, Americans know the truth: they have nothing on Trump. Not one shred of real evidence that suggests he should be removed from office.

And now that we’re almost to that point, people are tuning the Democrats out. No one takes their arguments seriously, save the Democrat faithful. And they already supported removing Trump.

It’s clearer than every before: Pelosi caved into pressure from the left. And in doing so, she brought this pathetic, boring impeachment — and all of the ramifications that will come from it — on herself and those in the House who helped her pursue it, especially Adam Schiff.

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