Hundreds of workers at Missouri food plant test positive – all are asymptomatic

In yet another indication that the Covid-19 disease is less fatal than feared, hundreds of workers tested positive at a Missouri pork processing plant. The good news? All were asymptomatic.

This is amazing news. So why aren’t we hearing more about it in the mainstream media? Is it possible that they have a vested interest in making the pandemic seem worse than it is?

The Daily Beast reports:

Nearly 375 employees at a Missouri meat-packing plant who tested positive for coronavirus were all asymptomatic, CNN reports, citing the state department of health. The workers were all employees of Triumph, a pork-processing plant, located in St. Joseph, on the border of Missouri and Kansas.

The testing was undertaken in several waves; Missouri officials, however emphasized that all of the individuals who tested positive were asymptomatic.

First, it was the homeless shelter in Boston. Then it was the prison testing results.

It’s officially a trend now. In contexts where testing is based on exposure rather than symptoms, we’re seeing a huge proportion of asymptomatic cases.

It’s hard to escape the conclusion. Absent other evidence, it appears that the coronavirus is far more widespread and far less deadly than is being reported.

You would think that the media would be reporting the good news far more widely – but stories like this are receiving little attention. It’s almost like the media has an interest in reporting the bad news and downplaying the good news.

This is why conservative media is important. We report the news straight up. If it’s bad, we tell you. If it’s good we tell you.

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