Schiff to release impeachment report soon, setting stage for vote

Rep. Adam Schiff’s investigators will drop an impeachment report next week, they said, setting the stage for a December House impeachment vote.

In a letter to House colleagues, Schiff said the report would be sent to the House Judiciary Committee, which is responsible for formally recommending impeachment to the full House.

The report is said to drop right after the Thanksgiving holiday, ensuring that the House of Representatives will spend the month of December and the lead up to Christmas further dividing Americans.

The upcoming House impeachment vote is likely to result in impeachment, unless Democrats change their minds — as some have already hinted they may do.

This week, polls began showing a collapse in support for impeachment, especially among core Democrat voter groups such as blacks and hispanics.

This makes it increasingly difficult for Democrats to defend their entirely partisan attempt to impeach President Donald Trump.

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