House officially votes to send impeachment to the Senate

By a vote of 228 to 193, the House of Representatives formally voted to send impeachment articles to the United States Senate. This means that a trial will begin immediately.

The same vote also designated 7 House Democrats to be impeachment managers who are responsible for acting as prosecutors during the Senate trial.

Democrats used the opportunity to grand stand, accusing President Trump of being dangerous for the country.

“President Trump put his own personal interests above the national interests, above our national security, and if not stopped, he will do it again,” said Rep. Adam Schiff.

Republicans attacked the process by which the President was impeached, and Senate Republicans are already promising that Trump will not be convicted and removed from office.

“If impeachment was truly as urgent as Democrats claimed, the majority should not have waited for the speaker to choose a politically convenient time,” said Rep. Kevin McCarthy.

The Senate trial could begin as early as today, with most Republicans wanting a quick acquittal so the Senate can return to confirming judges.

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