House Democrats refuse to allow Republicans to view impeachment docs without staffers present

House Democrats’ unauthorized impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump continues, and as time marches on, the only thing that is changing is that Democrats are becoming even more secretive and less transparent.

The inquiry, led primarily by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and intelligence committee Chairman Adam Schiff, has been mired with allegations that Democrats are running secret impeachment proceedings — without proper authorization — from the House.

Now new information has surfaced that is even more alarming.

Republicans on the House Foreign Affairs Committee report that they are not even being allowed to view documents without Democrat staffers present. You ready that correctly. Our elected representatives are not even allowed to see these documents unless handpicked Democrat staffers are there.

This begs an important question: what are Democrats trying so hard to hide?

21 House Republicans sent a letter to Adam Schiff complaining. But if Schiff went this far to hide what’s going on, this is unlikely to result in any action. The only thing that will fix this problem is an election that results in Nancy Pelosi turning over her gavel to the new Republican Speaker of the House.

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