Hillary Clinton Tells Biden To Do Exactly What They Are Afraid Of Trump Doing

You’ve heard the nonsense.

“Trump won’t leave.”

“He’s planning to stay.”

“He will refuse to admit he’s lost and won’t turn power over.”

Besides the fact he’s already said he would leave, there’s another huge problem with this baseless, hypocritical fear-mongering. Although Trump said he won’t do it, it is exactly the plan for Joe Biden. Just ask Hillary Clinton.

Clinton literally with her own mouth told Joe Biden to not concede. Wait, isn’t that exactly what they are sayin Trump might do and that such behavior would be a sign of a mentally unstable dictator?

Well, yes. But when it’s not Trump, it’s a necessary means to the Democratic end of getting what they want.

There isn’t a principle or ethic behind their charges or their tactics. They want the throne and if they get it, they will wield that power with the same lack of integrity with which they got it.

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