Hillary Clinton is still running for President. And Joe Biden has to be worried right now.

Hillary Clinton just endorsed Joe Biden. But that doesn’t mean she’s not running for president.

She’s always running for President. You can’t slake a thirst for power like hers.

The timing of Hillary’s endorsement just proves it. Jimmy Failla, writing on Fox, lays out a perceptive case for Hillary’s plan to bump Biden and secure the nomination herself:

Hillary Clinton sent a powerful message to worried Democratic Party leaders last month when she endorsed Joe Biden. And that message was, “in case of emergency break glass.” The People’s Pantsuit all but offered herself up as an electoral fire extinguisher in a carefully crafted appearance aimed at assuring voters that she’s still here in case Joe’s not all there.

Now before you tell me I’m crazy, I ask you this: why else would a woman who’s spent her whole life pursuing the presidency with the hyperfocus of a dog chasing a tennis ball stop on a dime and pass the torch in something as unceremonious as a virtual Town Hall meeting?

The answer? She didn’t pass the torch. She’s still holding it. Just as the media greeted her endorsement of Joe as the final coronation, they would greet her withdrawal of the endorsement as an excommunication.

There’s no doubt that top Democrats are feeling increasingly nervous, as Joe stumbles through interviews and more accusers come out of the woodwork.

And anyone that thinks that Hillary isn’t the frontrunner if Biden falls has some thinking to do. Andrew Cuomo and Bernie Sanders don’t have a tenth of the money, organization, and connections that Hillary has in the DNC.

That’s a massive advantage at the Democratic convention. And Hillary might be just power-hungry enough to pull it off.

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