Hillary Clinton Intensifies Attack On Trump

When asked about her thoughts of Joe Biden’s vice presidential options, Hillary Clinton made it clear she just wanted Donald Trump to lose.

Clinton said Trump has “already hurt our country, our institutions, our rule of law.”

Never mind the corruption and scandal of the Clinton and Obama administration. She probably thinks America has forgotten about that.

When asked to open on specifics about possible running mate options for Biden, Hillary said “This is such a critical election. I think he has great choices. I’m excited about them.”

I think people have to understand that we are up against a wannabe authoritarian who has already hurt our country, our institutions, our rule of law, has scapegoated so many different groups of people. We just have to defeat Donald Trump. We all have to do everything possible to make that happen.

It’s telling that Hillary sees Trump as the risk to freedom while Biden is sprinting (obviously metaphorically) as far left as he can. The socialistic agenda and progressive liberals are drooling at the thought of a Biden presidency. There isn’t a principled bone in his body…or his basement.

It’s time for America to decide whether they want to be a free people. The choice is happening soon.

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