HBO’s John Oliver Actually Told The Truth About The Election And The Democrats Won’t Be Happy

John Oliver is a witty wordsmith who is as liberal as they come.

However, back in 2019, Oliver, host of a comedy show on HBO, made prophetic comment about the state of American elections.

Referring to electronic voting machines, Oliver said “They are very bad.”

Oh wait. When a republican raises any issues about voting, they are a racist or love to suppress votes.

Oliver wasn’t done.

“If something goes wrong with one of them, you would basically never know, because you can’t audit the results. And things have gone wrong. In one local New Jersey election, a husband and wife were both running for seats on their county’s Democratic committee. The DRE machines said that they lost, but they were in the unusual position of actually knowing that that was a mistake.”

Isn’t that interesting. Of course Oliver isn’t talking like this anymore, lest he be banished and censored, but apparently in 2019 it was ok to be concerned about election security.

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