Harvard Professor: Trump Impeachment Is Sham ‘Political Theater’

Harvard Law professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz just proved that Donald Trump was right about the Democrats’ effort to impeach him.

Trump has said from the onset that impeachment is a sham meant only to embarrass him and waste taxpayers dollars on a vindictive exploitive circus.

Dershowitz analysis affirms this.

“This is political theater,” Dershowitz said, specifically referring to the Democrats absurd request to Trump to testify. “And the reason I’m not a lawyer, in this case, is I’m neither an actor nor a politician. And it’s just showboating.”

Then Dershowitz dropped a bombshell:

They wrote the letter in order to get the president to say no, which they knew he would do, and then to be able to say, see, he wouldn’t testify, so he must be hiding something. He did the right thing by not testifying. He ought to defend himself solely on constitutional grounds.

And he’s exactly right. Trump was right. This is an embarrassment in the halls of Congress.

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