GOP support for Trump holds firm amidst impeachment

All of the impeachment witnesses have presented in the House and Republicans have made their decision: they’re standing firm against the impeachment of Donald Trump.

Democrats were careful to make sure that Republicans couldn’t call any witnesses or do anything that hurt their case but it was all still so weak that not a single Republican has committed to voting for impeachment or removal.

This comes as bad news for Pelosi, who wanted the cover of at least some Republicans voting for impeachment to make her partisan witch hunt look less partisan and less like a witch hunt.

Now the full House will consider any impeachment charges that come out of Judiciary and likely impeach the President – sending the trial to the Senate.

The Senate is widely expected to acquit President Trump of all charges, ending this whole thing once and for all.

Schiff and Pelosi have failed. They’ve failed to show that President Trump did anything impeachable, and they have failed to win over a single Republican. This will likely cost them in the 2020 election.

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