Google Shuts Trump Out – Turns Off YouTube Channel

In a final act among the big tech giants, Google has kicked President Trump’s YouTube channel from it page.

According to Breitbart News, “Google-owned YouTube announced on Tuesday that it is suspending President Donald Trump’s channel ‘in light of concerns about the ongoing potential for violence,’ adding that the ability to comment on the President’s YouTube channel will be disabled ‘indefinitely.'”

Google cited no evidence of Trump promoting violence.

There was a day when book burning was symbolic of intolerance of small minded people. Fundamentalist would take books written by sinners and apostates and torch them in the city square.

The imagery stands in our minds of fearful intolerance of ideas with which we are uncomfortable or even wrong. But the ideas never died in the flame and the people who burned them were foolish to think it so.

Google and others of their ilk are performing a modern day book burning. It is weak and shameful but the ideas, good or bad, will live on.

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