Giuliani shares investigation findings on Twitter

Rudy Giuliani just shared his Ukraine investigation findings on Twitter.

President Trump had previously teased that Giuliani would be shared “hundreds of hours of research” with the world. And it appears he has now started sharing.

In one tweet, Giuliani appears to be sharing reports of criminal behavior. “Evidence revealed that corruption in 2016 was so extensive it was POTUS’s DUTY to ask for US-Ukraine investigation…Impeachment is part of Dem cover-up…Extortion, bribery & money laundering goes beyond Biden’s….Also, DNC collusion w/ Ukraine to destroy candidate Trump.”

Giuliani said it took hundreds of hours of research. “After hundreds of hours & months of research, I have garnered witnesses & documents which reveal the truth behind this impeachment, which includes NO wrongdoing by [Trump].”

He also said Ambassador Yovanovitch committed at least two instances of lying to Congress. “Records proving Amb Yovanovitch perjured herself at least twice,” he said.

If these allegations are even remotely true, the Democrats are in for a very long 2020.

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