George Papadopoulos is running for Congress in 2020

The former Trump aide who was caught up in the Russia probe has announced that he is running for Congress — and he has filed paperwork to formalize the process.

George Papadopoulos is running to fill the seat left vacant by Rep. Katie Hill, the Democrat lawmaker who resigned in disgrace after photos surfaced that placed her in a compromising situation with one of her staffers. She denied reports of another relationship that would have violated House ethics rules.

Hill says she is a victim of “revenge porn” and said it was coming from an abusive husband, who she is divorcing.

Papadopoulos tweeted a statement on Sunday that explained his reasoning. “I love my state too much to see it run down by candidates like Hill. All talk, no action, and a bunch of sellouts,” he said.

The Democrats do not want George Papadopoulos coming to power. He’s been highly critical of Donald Trump’s enemies, including Robert Mueller, and he believes he was illegally targeted in the investigation that ultimately led to a guilty plea on process crime charges unrelated to actual Russia collusion.

One thing is certain: Congress is better without Katie Hill. We cannot have that kind of corruption in the U.S. House.

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