Gavin Newsom’s Hypocritical Double Standard Reeks Of Socialism’s Elitism

Gavin Newsom, the Democrat Governor of California, is making headlines for repeatedly violating his own COVID mandates when it comes to curfews, social distancing and masks.

Of course the mainstream media does nothing because Newsom is a Democrat and therefor given a complete pass.

But Kevin McCarthy, Republican House minority leader, has had enough.

“These double standards are despicable,” said McCarthy while appearing on Fox News channel.

McCarthy then pointed out that many official in California are exhibiting the same behavior:

I mean, if every restaurant in California would just change their name to the French Laundry, I guess it would be OK because you have them — the Mayor of San Francisco, she was at the French Laundry. The governor, he’s at the French Laundry with no mask sitting next to the medical lobbyist for association. It’s OK if you’re one of these elite Democrats that dictate what you can do in your life, but not within their own, they can do whatever they want.

American voters are noticing according to McCarthy. “This is what makes America so mad. These are our Democratic leaders that think they are above everyone else and can tell us what to do. But again, they can do whatever they want. We have only seen this in these socialist countries of these elitists,” he said.

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