Gallup poll results shock Democrats but they shouldn’t be surprising to anyone

A new Gallup poll tells you everything you need to know about the political divide in our country, and what’s driving it.

Breitbart News reported on the poll, noting that “Democrats are among the demographic groups with the lowest personal satisfaction in their life, while Republicans are among the most satisfied.”

This isn’t an accident. A party that celebrates death, wages war on traditional family structures, and rejects religious faith is a party that is designed to ruin human happiness.

As the Democrats trend leftward, even more misery-inducing ideology is being pumped into the heads of young people in colleges and schools across the country. Class warfare, racism lurking around every corner, “microaggressions” and envy-driven materialism are all pillars of the new Democratic Socialist wing of the party, led by figures like Bernie Sanders and Ilhan Omar.

Republicans take their cues from optimists like President Trump, who believe America is a great place with a great history and great future. Their lineage is that of Ronald Reagan, and even more basically, Frank Capra and Norman Rockwell.

Democrats, in contrast, come from the bowels of the angry 1960’s protest movements. From Saul Alinsky to Bernie Sanders, they take their cues from angry warriors of race, class and gender.

The question that most Americans should be asking themselves is this: why should I follow a movement that makes me unhappy?

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