Fox News’ Pirro: Cuomo Played God And Took Lives

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is under the red-hot eye of Jeanine Pirro.

The Fox New Channel host is calling him out for his role in the many, many deaths of senior citizens in nursing homes. His alleged missteps during the pandemic are at the center of a national news scandal.

Pirro expressly accused Cuomo of lying:

The reason Americans don’t trust politicians is because they lie. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is a case in point. The Attorney General from his own party tells us he underreported nursing home deaths by 50 percent. This wasn’t an accounting error, an administrative error, it was a cover up — plain and simple — by an egotistical, uncaring, cold hearted political boy. You know the type: where he knows he is wrong and manipulates numbers so he can prevent being caught.

So nursing home deaths in New York State skyrocket from 6,700 to 13,000.

But Pirro wasn’t done. She played a clip of Cuomo asking why God would allow coronavirus and then she went scorched earth. “You and not God decided when their lives would end,” said Pirro. “They died alone in fear without warmth and a loving touch needed before they passed. You cannot escape the consequences of your intentional and reckless acts. You cannot escape your intentional cover up thinking the little people would never bring you down. And you can blame God for all you want, but in the end, you will have to answer to the very one you blame — God.”

To read more about Pirro’s comments, click here.

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