Fox News Host Says Days Of ‘America First’ Is Over

Fox News Channel’s Jeanine Pirro says Donald Trump’s philosophy of ‘America First’ is dead with Joe Biden.

“Welcome to the Biden administration, home to the new slogan, America last, where a closed Inauguration meets open borders, where America first ideas are censored, but those who suppress them are rewarded, where 10 million Americans are out of work and 11 million are offered a pathway to citizenship, where a pandemic rages and untested migrants welcomed,” said host Pirro.

Pirro said Biden is trying all he can to undo the policies of his predecessor:

Joe Biden, within hours of his presidency, is doing as much as they can to cancel the Trump legacy, to take away our near energy independence to satisfy the left as they move towards socialism and to provide jobs and security to those who have come here illegally.

He has halted deportation orders of illegal aliens, many of them criminals. After 430 miles of border wall is built, Biden halts construction, and for the next 100 days halts deportation of those ordered deported by a court.

There is no exception for those convicted of even felony crimes.

To read more about Biden’s disturbing plan, click here.

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