Former Whitewater independent counsel Ken Starr: ‘One bad precedent after another’ in Schiff’s probe

Former Whitewater independent counsel Ken Starr is one of the few people in American politics ever to take on the Clinton machine. He investigated the Clintons over the Whitewater scandal. As part of his probe, he discovered that then-President Clinton had been tampering with a potential character witness in the probe, allegedly asking Monica Lewinsky to lie. He was also accused of lying under oath in the probe.

To put it bluntly, Ken Starr knows a thing or two about how to run a probe when the impeachment of an American president is at stake.

That’s why it is so surprising that Starr went on Fox News and declared that Adam Schiff’s probe is not going well.

Ken Starr ripped into Schiff, telling Fox News, “Now [Schiff] is operating under this mandate and mantle of the Speaker of the House that this is impeachment, this is very serious, and you have to cooperate. You can’t go to court. You can’t have a judge test this. Because if you try to do that, that’s contempt. So it’s a gotcha moment, which I think, again, we’re setting one bad precedent after another.”

Starr is right. Trump has no right to challenge anything going on because of the way these proceedings are going. They’re digging for dirt and he’s unable to object to anything. There’s zero due process for him at this point. And moreover, he has no way to request that a judge put a stop to this secret impeachment probe.

“I don’t think any court is likely to quarrel, ultimately, with that. But history will, I think, judge this not well. It should judge this not well. [You] didn’t have a full debate on the floor of the House — and that just lends itself, then, to, “well, let’s go to court and have this litigated.” And of course, the chairman then says, “you go to court, you’re in contempt.”,” said Starr.

Starr is right about the probe. It’s unfair. And Schiff’s declarations that Trump is guilty before all the facts are in show that he is not impartial and should remove himself – or be removed – from the impeachment investigation. To do anything else taints the investigation. And history will not judge the Democrats kindly.

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