Former Obama official floats idea of impeaching Trump again if Senate acquits

As it becomes clearer that President Trump, if impeached by the House, will most definitely be acquitted by the Senate, Democrats are beginning to panic.

Democrats have a cash crunch going on right now. It’s tough to raise money when the only thing you stand for is hating Trump. But right now they need impeachment to excite their base and raise money.

So as the date of Trump’s acquittal draws near, it’s time to find another gimmick that they can use to fool their voters into giving them money.

And now, they think they’ve found it: impeachment.

That’s right — Dems think they should just impeach Trump over and over again so that they can keep raising money. Of course, they pretend like it’s so they can get a big Senate majority in 2020 and remove him then. 

This is ludicrous for many reasons. The biggest reason? There is no way that Trump will win the presidency but lose the Senate by huge numbers. It’s just not possible.

The idea that you’re going to remove a dully elected president days after he’s been re-elected is horribly dangerous, and it shows why Democrats can not be allowed anywhere near power.

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