Flynn Pardon Reveals Adam Schiff As Hoax Believer, Still Clinging To Trump Conspiracy

Rep. Adam Schiff’s response to President Donald Trump’s pardon of Gen. Michael Flynn proves Schiff is still clinging to the hoax that Russia and Trump have a secret quid-pro-quo relationship.

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

“By giving [Flynn] a pardon now, imagine the signal that sends to our Russian adversary, that essentially, you know, the president can make Russia’s problems go away by dismissing a case against someone who had lied on their behalf, who had concealed these illicit contacts,” said Schiff.

Of course, the liberal media outlet didn’t point out that the Mueller probe found zero evidence of collusion.

Schiff continued, “it just makes a mockery out of our system, and I think demonstrates that it can be exploited by hostile foreign powers.”

Let the mirage live on, Adam.

To read more about Schiff’s comments, click here.

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