FEC Commissioner: ‘Substantial Chance’ 2020 Results Will Be Delayed Beyond Election Night

The head of the Federal Election Commission just revealed the chances are high the results of the 2020 United States Presidential election will not be known on election night. She attributed the delay to logistics surrounding the coronavirus.

“Let me just tell everybody: We’re all going to need to take a deep breath and be patient this year because, you know, there’s a substantial chance we are not going to know on election night what the results are, possibly for the presidency but maybe for many other races that are important to people. And that’s okay,” said Ellen Weintraub, commissioner of the FEC.

“If it takes a little bit longer to count all the votes accurately, that’s what we need to do in order to ensure that everyone’s vote counts,” said Weintraub.

She went on to that the solution to this is to “get more resources to the states.”

I think what we need to do is get more resources to the states. This is critically important, and it has to happen now. The states and localities are going to incur huge extra expenses this year in order to have the kind of ramped-up absentee voting program that the voters are demanding, but also to provide for safe, in-person voting for those voters who choose to vote this way.

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