FBI whistleblower files complaint against Inspector General

Nate Cain, an FBI whistleblower, has announced that he filed a complaint against Inspector General Michael Atkinson, who as Intelligence Community IG protected the CIA whistleblower who ultimately gave Democrats the perceived ammunition they needed to impeachment President Donald Trump.

In 2018, Cain filed a complaint. The complaint goes back to the sale of Uranium One to the Russians. Cain alleges that the IG did not do his job by enforcing the law at that time.

The IG, “would have had likely come across and seen some of these documents,” turned over by Cain, Cain told reporters.

Atkinson is the person who weakened whistleblower requirements, allowing hearsay evidence to be used against President Trump.

“You cannot blow the whistle on secondhand information. You have to have direct evidence or have witnessed it directly,” Cain continued.

One thing is certain: Atkinson made special allowances for the whistleblower in the current impeachment case. That can’t be allowed to happen again, and justice must be served.

Watch the full story here.

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