Fauci Warns Second Lockdown Could Really Happen

As the number of coronavirus cases are spiking across the country, Trump is canceling golf trips, the coronavirus task force is being reinstated, and Dr. Anthony Fauci is back behind the mic.

This time he’s warning the nation that a second lockdown is possible.

When asked if a second round of shelter-in-place orders are coming soon for America, Fauci was clear.

They may have to do that. I think if you immediately says — in other words — this all-or-none phenomenon that just misleads us. If you say you’re going to go back into lockdown, there will be an absolute push back on that you might have to do it. You never take that off the table.

Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, made the comment above during an interview at Milken Institute Summer Series.

To read more about Fauci’s comments and a possible second round of lockdowns, click here.

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