Fact Check PROVES Joe Biden Lied … Again

Presidential candidate Joe Biden recently condemned President Donald Trump for not condemning the violence during a recent press conference.

There’s only one problem.

Trump expressly condemned and Biden is lying because he knows the main stream media will let him in order to help win the election.

In a press statement, Biden claimed Trump “declined to rebuke violence.”

However, as Breitbart News reported, Trump “repeatedly spoke about the efforts his administration is exerting to stop violence in American cities. He provided ‘an update on left-wing political violence that we’re seeing in Democrat-run cities.’ He added that ‘we have arrested a large number of people,’ and that he would like to work with cities like Portland, if they would consent to do so.”

Trump also observed that during the RNC, the Republicans “repeatedly emphasized that violence has no place in American political discourse.”

To read more about Biden’s lies, click here.

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