Even New York Times Admits, Democrats Suffer ‘Crushing Losses’

The liberal media and Democrat party elites have been spreading the propaganda that Joe Biden is on the winning end of a mandate from the America people.

Even though Obama won more counties than Biden, some Democrats have claimed the election is a rejection of all the Republicans stand for.

But that’s patently absurd.

And even the New York Times is admitting it. Yes. I’m stunned.

The Times named a piece of their political analysis, “Democrats Suffered Crushing Down-Ballot Losses Across America.”

The theory is that although some voters may not be happy with Donald Trump, that doesn’t mean they magically became Democrats.

“There’s a significant difference between a referendum on a clown show, which is what we had at the top of the ticket, and embracing the values of the Democratic ticket,” said Nichole Remmert. “People bought into Joe Biden to stop the insanity in the White House. They did not suddenly become Democrats.”

The Times continued:

From the top of the party down to the state level, Democratic officials are awakening to the reality that voters may have delivered a one-time verdict on Mr. Trump that does not equal ongoing support for center-left policies.

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