Elizabeth Warren will support Bloomberg even after ripping him for sexism, racist comments

Elizabeth Warren is one of the most dishonest and power-hungry politicians I’ve ever seen. And that’s saying a lot, considering that almost all politicians are dishonest and power-hungry.

She’s already established herself as the biggest liar in politics. No one else, except maybe Adam Schiff, even comes close. Her entire career was based on a lie – that she was a native American “woman of color.”

She hasn’t slowed down. Just this week, after pledging to avoid taking money from SuperPac committees, she flipped, and began accepting money from them. Obviously, she’s not afraid to lie to her far-left constituency, and she’s desperate enough to do anything to keep her in a race that she clearly can’t win.

But in my view, the most brazen example of Warren’s utter lack of principles is her pledge to support the Democratic nominee whoever it is – a pledge that includes supporting Michael Bloomberg, a man that she blasted as a misogynist, racist charlatan.

She even said that Bloomberg’s NDA agreements “disqualify” him as the nominee – yet when questioned, she reiterated her support for any nominee, including Bloomberg, over Trump.

Let’s be clear about what’s going on here. All the fire that she directed at Bloomberg during the debate was fake.

She wants to take Bloomberg down, not because she really thinks he’s unqualified to be president, but because she wants to be president instead. Once her chances go away for good, she’ll support him against Trump, racism, sexism and misogyny notwithstanding.

Amid a field of dishonorable candidates, she stands out as one of the worst.

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