Elizabeth Warren Is Already Done Trying To Work With Republicans

The Democrats said Donald Trump wouldn’t work with them, but it hasn’t even been two weeks and the Democrats are doing the same thing.

“If Republicans aren’t going to come, we’re not going to spend much more time on this,” said Warren. “It’s time to move now.”

While Warren was completely silent while Pelosi stonewalled the GOP efforts to provide a relief bill FOR MONTHS during the the last year of Trump’s presidency, she now believes working across the aisle is fundamentally important.

“Every day that we delay is another day of people suffering, another delay in getting the vaccines out, and another pause before we get the schools open,” said Warren, full of newfound urgency to help the man in the Oval Office. “I want this done as soon as possible. I’m ready. I am ready to go.”

The hypocrisy of all of this is as obvious as it is sickening.

To read more about Warren’s comments, click here.

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