Elizabeth Warren ‘questioner’ was top donor

Elizabeth Warren’s lack of honesty seems to be a hallmark of her political and professional career.

The Senator and now-presidential candidate allegedly used her fake status as a Native American to move through the ranks of her career quickly. Later, she tried to use her “heritage” to get her places in politics. But a DNA test quickly foiled her plan – leading some, including President Donald Trump, to give her nicknames and poke fun at her for this obvious fib.

Now it appears she has been caught again. This time, she staged a question during a town hall event meant to bring trust between her and voters.

According to reports, a donor asked her a question at last Thursday’s ‘LGBT town hall,” and Warren failed to disclose the information — as did CNN. The questioner was introduced as the Chair of the Human Rights Campaign. While that may be true, he’s also a big Warren donor: he gave thousands of dollars to her campaign, dating all the way back to 2017.

His question set her up for one of her most memorable answers of the night, which earned her a lot of free media.

It’s getting tougher to believe that the CNN whistleblower wasn’t right. CNN is trying to elect Warren. And Warren is complicit in this attempt to steal the election away from other contenders by getting free, unreported media help that should be costing her campaign money instead.

Read the full story here.

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