Donald Trump Reveals Debate Surprise

Unlike his first debate against Hillary Clinton in 2016, President Donald Trump is doing something very different this time around.

Trump is diligently studying and preparing for his upcoming face-off against Joe Biden.

When he first went toe-to-toe with Clinton, Trump did not prepare or practice. But Trump was not happy with the results and so he is doing things differently in 2020.

According to Fox News, Trump “is studying Democratic challenger Joe Biden’s idiosyncrasies, hoping to trip up the former vice president and avoid any missteps from four years ago.”

It is likely that Trump will focus on the Biden’s age and on his ultra leftist policies. “Trump’s assaults against Democratic policies viewed as radical or extreme left — like those on taxes, abortion, immigration, and the multitrillion dollar ‘Green New Deal’ — have won him points with even the most middle-of-the-road voters,” reports Fox News.

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