Donald Trump Jr: Joe Biden ‘Most Compromised Person In History of American Politics’

Donald Trump Jr. is bringing out the big guns as the election draws near.

In a recent statement, Trump Jr. said presidential candidate Joe Biden is “the most compromised person in the history of American politics.”

The swamp, social media, mainstream media, they want Biden to win, even though it’s likely that Biden is probably the most compromised person in the history of American politics,” said Trump Jr. during a recent interview. “We’re two weeks out from an election, and they’re pretending like this is a non-issue.”

Trump Jr. didn’t stop there. He pointed out how media bias is protecting the Biden family.

“Everything that the Democrats and the media, and I group them as one and the same at this point … everything that they hoped and prayed I was doing, that they made me testify for 30 hours for, that they said I had committed treason doing, Hunter Biden was actually doing,” said Trump Jr.

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