Donald Trump Jr.: FBI will protect themselves rather than reforming

Donald Trump, Jr. just made a tragic announcement that every American should know about.

Trump Jr. was responding to reports that the FBI has hired an anti-Trump official to oversee the FBI’s efforts to reform itself in the wake of the spy scandal which saw the agency admit to spying on members of the Trump campaign in 2016.

On Twitter, the President’s son said, “This is bulls***. They’re not even going to look. They’re just going to protect themselves and their corrupt institution.”

Unfortunately, Trump Jr. is almost certainly right. It’s rare that any government agency polices itself properly. And add on to that the fact that the person overseeing this transition is anti-Trump — that’s a recipe for disaster.

Ultimately, Attorney General William Barr is likely to need to step in and begin indicting people before anything changes. Right now, corrupt officials have no fear of reprisals, so they act with impunity.

It seems that draining the swamp is going to be an 8 year job.

Read the full tweet here.

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