DOJ disputes Bolton’s alleged conversation with Barr

After Bolton turned on Trump, we all began to wonder which shoe would drop next. In an expertly timed release of information, it appears that John Bolton is prepared to accuse President Trump of corruption, in an attempt to influence the Senate trial.

Bolton was fired by Trump and is no doubt mad that he was not allowed to continue in his job, where he was advocating for more wars and U.S. intervention in the middle east.

But now the DOJ has released a statement. One of Bolton’s key claims centered around a conversation with Attorney General Bill Barr. But that did not happen as he said it did, according to the statement.

The DOJ says Bolton badly mischaracterized the conversation about Trump’s relationship with foreign leaders. If true, this goes to Bolton’s credibility as a potential Senate impeachment witness.

The DOJ denied any conversation about Trump’s “undue influence” over investigations and went astonishingly far, saying, “nor did Attorney General Barr state that the President’s conversations with foreign leaders was improper.”

“If this is truly what Mr. Bolton has written, then it seems he is attributing to Attorney General Barr his own current views – views with which Attorney General Barr does not agree,” the statement said.

Bolton’s attempted smear job on Trump won’t work. He might sell some books — but at what cost? This shocking betrayal is going to backfire. It’s just a good thing that we have an Attorney General who is willing to come forward and tell the truth about what happened.

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