Democrat Lawmakers From New York Call For Cuomo’s Impeachment

Governor Andrew Cuomo is falling farther from grace in the eyes of his own Democrat Party.

New York State Assemblyman Ron Kim is claiming the impeachment of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo must happen “as soon as possible.”

Kim also said “the only option that we have as the Assembly body is the exercise of impeachment.”

During a recent interview, Kim said impeachment is about protecting the government from Cuomo’s “web of lies:”

Well, I just issued an op-ed today. It just got published an hour ago making the argument for impeachment. And I will be joining my conference today to push our Democratic conference. And it’s nothing — it’s not the governor. It is entirely about protecting the sanctity of the legislative body so we can do our job as a co-equal government. He has made many attempts to implicate us in his web of lies and in his pay-to-play schemes with his biggest donors that we have nothing to do with.

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