Democrat congressman watches golf during impeachment hearing

Jerry Nadler’s impeachment hearings have been a circus from the start. Democrats refuse to allow President Trump’s lawyers to fully defend him, so Trump has decided to boycott.

But somehow, the Democrats keep sinking to new lows — even for them. This past week was no exception, with plenty of examples to choose from. But one in particular was emblematic of the degree to which Nadler has lost all control.

Rep. Cedric Richmond (D) was caught watching a golf tournament on his laptop — during the impeachment hearings.

Of course, the entire thing was caught on video. And at this point, it’s obvious just where Democrats stand, and how seriously they actually take impeachment.

First Schiff rant a ridiculous, lie-filled impeachment proceeding, much of it in secret. He hauled out biased witnesses and didn’t even attempt to defend them.

Like Schiff, Nadler has also depended on a complicit media that will not ever report the truth about what is happening in D.C.

Impeachment now moves on to the full House, where both articles are expected to be approved and sent to the Senate for a trial.

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