Democrat congressman admits public opinion moving away from Dems, impeachment

Sometimes CNN asks one of those questions that they really wish they could take back. That happened last week on CNN’s “OutFront,” when they asked Representative Dan Kildee (D-MI) about impeachment.

“I think it’s changed marginally. The president clearly still has a strong base that is with him, 40, 43%, whatever it might be,” Kildee said.

Kildee is right. The President’s base is standing up for fairness and for the truth. And conservatives will not be moved by the lies and half-truths peddled in rigged committee hearings run by partisan Democrats.

But that hasn’t stopped Democrats. They are charging forward with impeachment. They hope they can dirty-up Trump leading into the 2020 election and damage his re-election efforts.

As for Kildee, he isn’t being swayed. He wants to take out Trump no matter what. “But I have been saying from the beginning,” he continued, “the polls are interesting in this case, but we don’t poll test the Constitution.”

Peddling conspiracy theories about Ukraine, Kildee insinuated that Republicans didn’t have the courage to impeach and remove Trump. He even suggested that their children might be ashamed of them.

This is the kind of dishonesty and nastiness we’ve all come to expect from Congress. And that is why the polls are moving so hard against the Democrats.

Read the full story here.

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