Dark money groups demand Brett Kavanaugh recuse himself from case

It seems that the far left simply cannot let go of their hatred for Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. No matter how great a job he does on the Supreme Court, they just can’t handle the fact that they lost and he won. Before, they went after him for alleged sexual assault and other things. Now, they’re simply trying to silence him by suggesting that he can’t rule on cases fairly and with an open mind.

Several groups, including a pair of very liberal “dark money” groups, are trying to get him to recuse himself from a case involving the Consumer Financial Protection Board (CFPB).

“We call on Justice Kavanaugh to recuse himself from hearing a case on which he has already made up his mind,” several groups wrote in a joint statement. “The law clearly states that judges should recuse themselves when their impartiality might reasonably be questioned. Brett Kavanaugh has already ruled on the underlying legal question in this case. He cannot plausibly claim to be open to arguments from both sides,” they also said.

But this is clearly ridiculous. His opinions were judicial ones. Surely no one thinks that a judge should only be able to hear a case once in his or her career about a particular topic. This is asinine.

Scott Walter, President of the Capital Research Center, went further than just attacking the groups’ hilariously flawed logic. “Of those four organizations, three of the four are all run by Arabella Advisors, which is the peak of this gigantic dark money pyramid on the left. In 2018, they ran $635 million through their empire,” he said.

It seems that the left will stop at nothing to damage Justice Kavanaugh and protect their own big money interests.

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