Dan Crenshaw Reveals Plan For China And It’s Perfect

Republican representative from Texas Dan Crenshaw says it’s time to hold China accountable. But it’s clear Crenshaw doesn’t trust China at all.

“[O]ne of my favorite lies from the Chinese was that a bunch of U.S. Army soldiers were spreading the virus at a Wuhan wet market as if it’s our guys that like to go eat that soup at Wuhan, That one was comical,” said Rep. Crenshaw.

Then Crenshaw noted that it was Donald Trump, not Joe Biden who took the risk seriously:

Let’s also not forget that they stopped domestic travel within China to curb the spread of the virus, but they wouldn’t stop international travel. I mean, they’re all about lying to the world. And we had to — we had to make guesses as a result, and luckily, President Trump did. You know, January 31, he did severely limit all travel from China. Joe Biden called that xenophobic and said — has said in the past China’s not going to eat our lunch, man. They don’t take this seriously.

But Crenshaw wants to hold China responsible for their deception. “Those of us who are actually paying attention know very well what the Chinese intentions are,” said Crenshaw. “The foreign policy consensus from a couple of decades ago where China will rise as a partner with the United States is totally over. It’s not true. The Belt and Road Initiative, the Made in China 2025 — these are direct assaults from an economic perspective on American priorities, and we have to go into this with eyes wide open.

In an effort to help America hold China accountable, Crenshaw has personally put legislation forward. “I have a bill that allows us to change the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act and allow private actors here in the United States to sue China for damages from coronavirus. Frankly, I also support another one that does the same thing for cybersecurity attacks on U.S. domestic infrastructure,” said Crenshaw.

Crenshaw is absolutely right to expose this oversight and work toward a solution. China is not a friend. Their communist regime is not a good faith partner and they do not seek the good of our country. Any diplomat who thinks they do is a danger to American lives.

To read more about Crenshaw’s plan, click here.

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