Dan Crenshaw Is Recruiting Team To ‘Save Texas’

Rep. Dan Crenshaw is never one to go about things in a traditional way. His most recent campaign ad is proof of just that.

Crenshaw, in the genre of a blockbuster action movie, straps on a skydiving uniform, uses his glass eye as a holographic message reader, and leaps out of a plane to recruit the best Texas has to offer.

Their mission, should they choose to accept it, is to “save Texas.”

“Who says campaign ads have to suck? Check this out. Mission Impossible meets the Avengers,” said Crenshaw via a tweet.

In Crenshaw’s video, he jumps from an airplane before recruiting “candidates Wesley Hunt for district 7, August Pfluger for district 11, Beth Van Duyne for district 24, Tony Gonzales for district 23, and Genevieve Collins for district 32.”

To read more about Crenshaw’s plan to save Texas, click here.

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