Charges Filed Against Former Democrat Governor

How egregious does the act have to be for a democrat politician to actually be charged? I guess when it comes to the former governor of Colorado, the answer is violation of state ethics laws.

The Colorado Independent Ethics Commission (IEC) charged former Gov. John Hickenlooper with violating state ethics laws, according to Breitbart News.

According to the findings of the ethics commission, Hickenlooper, a Senatorial candidate at the time in question, violated state ethics laws when he “allowed large corporations to cover the cost of a private jet trip to Connecticut, a Maserati limousine ride, as well as several elegant dinners in 2018.”

“The commission ruled unanimously that Hickenlooper violated Colorado’s gift ban in June 2018 when he attended secretive Bilderberg meetings in Italy,” reports Breitbart. “Hickenlooper paid a fee of $1,500, believing that covered the cost of the hotel, limousine, meals, and other expenses. The event’s sponsor, Fiat-Chrysler, said the $1,500 fee did not cover the limousine rides.”

To read more about Hickenlooper’s violations, click here.

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