Clinton Foundation lost nearly $17 million in 2018

For the Clinton family, everything started going downhill the minute Donald Trump won the presidency and denied Hillary Clinton the office she’d been dreaming of her whole life – the office to which she felt entitled.

And with that loss come other disappointments — such as the Clinton Foundation losing $16.8 million in 2018.

When politicians are in power, their non-profits rake in money. A lot of people thought Hillary would someday be President. As a result, wealthy people gave money to the Clinton Foundation, hoping that their “investment” would pay off in terms of access to the White House.

But that did not pan out. And now, donations have dried up as well.

This is a corrupt process when you think about it. Wealthy donors are buying access to the American presidency. But past donors did not see their donations pay off. That’s a good thing for the country.

And of course, it is devastating for the Clinton family. But they couldn’t possibly deserve this disappointment any more.

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