China Won’t Share COVID-19 Vaccine Even If They Get It Says Senator

America already knows China is not a great partner when it comes to global good will toward all.

But Senator Rick Scott thinks the depth of China’s depravity is truly on full display when it comes to its dealings with coronavirus.

“Everything they do is for the benefit of the Communist Party of China, and nobody else,” Scott said on a Fox News Radio show.

Scott then went further and said China wouldn’t share a vaccine even if they got it.

If they get the vaccine first, that’s not good for the country or for the world. Because you know what? They’re not going to share. I mean, they’re going to take care of one group of people: the Communist Party of Communist China,” Scott said.

And Scott probably isn’t wrong. Early reports indicate China held off reporting the virus to the World Health Organization when doing so could have saved thousands of lives across the world.

Hopefully, justice will come and come swiftly.

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