Carlson: Schiff Is a Sociopath Who Should Resign

No one ever accused Tucker Carlson of going soft on his opinions. His recent rant against Rep. Adam Schiff won’t change that.

Carlson, during his show on Fox News Channel, claimed Schiff should resign because he is a “sociopath.”

“A normal person would not behave that way, could not behave that way,” Carlson ranted. “Conscience would prevent it. Adam Schiff is a sociopath. He will do or say anything to achieve power.”

But Carlson didn’t stop there.

“He is unfit to hold office. He should resign,” Carlson said.

The sharks are in the water and they are circling around the entire swamp apparatus that set the ball rolling. If I had to guess, I would predict the hammer will as fall hard on Schiff as anyone.

Carlson isn’t the only one revealing Schiff’s malfeasance.

“Schiff doesn’t release these interviews, because they are going to make him a liar,” said President Donald Trump’s former attorney, John Dowd. “They are going to expose him and he’s going to be run out of town. That’s what these interviews do. We all know he’s lying. He lied for months in the impeachment inquiry. He’s essentially Nancy’s liar.”

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