BREAKING: Tragic News Stuns Royal Family – Queen Is…

The drama within Britain’s Royal Family continues as Prince Harry stunned the Queen by skipping her 95th birthday to travel back to Meghan Markle, his wife.

According to Breitbart News, “The Queen is marking her first birthday without her husband, Prince Philip the Duke of Edinburgh, who she laid to rest following his funeral at St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle on Saturday. The Queen is still under a period of Royal Mourning, which ends this Friday.”

Prince Harry left without any amends being made according to reports.

Breitbart notes that “some members of the Royal Family appeared not to interact with Harry after Saturday’s funeral, and though he did speak with his brother afterwards, it was claimed Prince William asked his cousin Peter Phillips to walk between him and Harry during the funeral cortege.”

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20 Responses

  1. I predict Harry is going to be very sorry someday for pretty much abandoning his family for his wife. His family will always be there for him but I’m not sure about Megan. I always thought she would marry Harry and take him for all he’s got and then move on. Time will tell if I’m right. Either way, as he gets older, he will regret not being respectful and/or loving towards the Queen. She is a very special person and when she is gone, he will recognize that more and more and I believe he will have a lot of regrets.

    1. Genesis 2:24
      Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.

    2. I agree. There will come a day when Markle will say ‘bye bye’ to Harry but first she has made sure she will forever control him since she has two of his kids. That’s one reason she was so desperate to have his kids. He’ll never be rid of her. She’s taken away his family, his freedom and his birthright….and she won’t be happy till he has absolutely nothing and she will have it all. This whole mess will not end well.

    3. Megan will have kids as long as she can just to hold Harry responsible for dishing out all the money so she can live in luxury. Megan will never be respected by American, we can see right thru here conniving ways.

  2. The Queen actually decided to separate William & Harry and they talked with their dad for a couple of hours and they talked for hours afterwards

    1. The Queen keeps matters to herself, so how do people know what she said or did? Unless, of course, Harry blabbers it.

  3. She will continue to have Harry’s kids so it will ensure her wealth. She will leave him; she is not a good person!

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